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"The meaning of Psychotherapy can be found in its Greek origin. Psyche translates as breath; spirit; soul. Therapeia means healing. Therefore, Psychotherapy is the healing of the spirit or soul within us". - Danny Smith


As a Psychosynthesis counsellor, I have learned to not 'fix' or pathologise you. But instead, act as a guide taking you through your own inner landscape to find healing and wholeness. I believe your struggles and symptoms to not be the issues in and of themselves but pointers towards something deeper trying to be expressed from within. This is contrary to psychiatry who views symptoms as pathology and therefore prescribes medication, this perspective is not holistic and arrests growth.

Supportive Friend

You may feel very hurt, not yourself, and broken but through my compassionate approach and with psychosynthesis techniques you will begin to discover and unlock many gems that may have been hidden for years. At the center of much suffering is a search for meaning. Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?. Psychosynthesis explores these difficult and burning questions where a context and holding can be given to the pains of life. Without meaning the joy of life can deminish and we can find ourselves slipping into the void of nihilism, therefore psychosynthesis puts great importance on this quest. As well as meaning great importance is placed on our nature as spiritual beings longing for love and connection. Increasing amounts of people are having spontaneous spiritual experiences, this can be paradigm-shifting as our original world view is shaken and we view life differently. Psychosynthesis is a psycho-spiritual psychology and therefore realises the true nature and purpose of such experiences, this can lead to relief and grounding as typically society doesn't understand these experiences. 

I am both a student of psychosynthesis and holotropic-breathwork where I have been working in a group and individual context learning how to be an understanding and compassionate witness to other people's experiences. This desire to be of service comes from my own suffering and healing. Through understanding and resonance of your hardships from my own struggles, I will form a secure empathic platform for us to explore your pressing difficulties in 1 to 1 therapy. What do I mean by right relational? instead of the relationship being an 'I-IT' relationship where I look at you as an issue or a broken object that needs fixing. I will be right there with you as a 'Thou' as the important sacred person you are who deserves utmost respect and integrity. 



Sub-personalities can be thought of as 'semi-autonomous selves'. They exist in their own right. which is why we can often feel split and undecided on things. We all play different roles, good boy, the joker, the martyr, and more. Psychosynthesis works with integrating these parts so we gain control, cohesion, and wholeness.

Reach out to your Inner Child - hand hel
Inner child 

The inner child is that spontaneous, creative, explorative, accepting part of ourselves. Often during childhood, we learn to grow up too fast and sacrifice this spark as a result. This younger self gets arrested and stuck within, leaving us with an inner sadness and anger. We can contact and reconnect this part of us helping ease the anger and returning our playful nature.

Transpersonal self

The transpersonal self is that part of us that is free flowing. We can find ourselves being more spontaneous and giving. Often not having many needs of our own but instead having a powerful desire to be of service. We feel connected and full of love from this place, there can be a sensation of boundarilessness. 

Asia Monk walking dhutanga behind Big Bu

The 'I' is that part of us which is still and observing. When we meditate we contact this place within us, a place of stillness. If we can contact this place we can 'disidentify' from our mind-sets and gain freedom and choice in each moment. Coming into relationship and realising our 'I' is extremely powerful and liberating.


"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance".     - Alan Watts

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