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Counseling and psychotherapy aren't too dissimilar. Counseling is more of a short term process where we will work around your will, mind-sets, presenting issues, and the more surface-level causes of your suffering. Psychotherapy is more of a deep unconscious exploration. We will figure out the kernel of your issues and uncover patterns and cycles to really pull the roots out creating a more long term healing. 

The goal of both is for you to reach a more integrated, holistic, whole state. Where you have more power and control over your life. More capacity to deal with hardships and can carry the tools and experiences learned in therapy to take out into the world with you. The empathic, caring relationship we build can become a foundation for all other relationships in your life, where you can be the full expressive sacred person you were born to be.

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MY SERVICES (Online Via zoom and Face to Face)



See my approach for how we will work together: 

Sometimes we need a little guidance and support during a life transition, and other times the symptoms may have presented themselves over multiple years. This is why I offer 1 hour one to one therapy both short and long term. We will begin with a consultation where you can ask questions and bring forward your presenting issues. This gives us a chance to meet each other and get a feel as to whether or not we are suitable. If we decide to move forward together we can book in three sessions, take a pause, and access how we are feeling with your progress. Although I am in training to be a psychotherapist I am not yet fully qualified, so currently I am offering counselling at a reduced rate. 


Being loved and supported by family and friends is very important to the healing journey. Often though, despite their best efforts, the advice isn't sound, or perhaps they're the issue. It may be the case that they're supportive but they don't quite have the tools to truly get you or the patience to try. The objective perspective of the therapist allows them to have a clear mind and through a mindful right relational approach, help you feel more seen and heard in your difficult moments.

There is a lot of stigma around therapy and people have their preconceived ideas that only so-called 'crazy' people receive it. I assure you this is not the case, it is not wrong to want to receive guidance or assistance from an understanding trained professional. There is no need to suffer and try and work everything out alone this can lead to arrested development or unnecessary prolonged suffering. Sometimes we don't even know why we feel certain ways or issues present themselves spontaneously without any obvious trigger. In other cases, we can have spiritual or depressive experiences that aren't accepted within our immediate environment and this can lead to isolation and introversion. This is why psychotherapy/counselling is important as it gives a consistent place and time each week to be with and talk about your experience. A place where you are the centre, and the most important character in the story that you tell.  

There are many reasons why someone may seek therapy. The following list is non-exhaustive, but includes some examples;


Anxiety comes with a message. Typically there is a fear involved, the fear can be losing someone, a job interview, or a sense of an impending disaster. It can at times highlight something important, something that contains meaning for us. Or it may be linked from an event in early childhood that needs exploring and integrating to become free of it.

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In today's world of stress and poor diet, psychosomatic issues are more prevalent than ever. Often we get symptoms such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, and fibromyalgia from unexpressed emotions and unexpressed lives which causes our bodies to tighten and our minds to go foggy and slow. Through releasing these emotions and understanding ourselves better we can heal.

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Low self-worth really debilitates us. It stops us from taking risks and can stop us from having boundaries. This can result in us getting used and walked on, even then perhaps we just allow it. "Why would we bother fighting back? we are worthless after all". This is a false learned experience all of us have soul and sacred energy within us but sometimes we have to reconnect to that flame. 

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Depression can be thought of as 'deep rest' its a time to turn inwards and explore as the usual importance on trivial external things fall away. There is meaning in depression and depression has a voice that needs to be heard. There are painful feelings but also light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

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These crises can be extremely overwhelming bringing in feelings of despair, nihilism, and other debilitating feelings. It is very important to have support during this time and it usually represents an opportunity for immense growth as our perception of the world changes drastically.

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This is when spiritual energies emerge into our consciousness, they can be blissful and expansive or harsh and constrictive. We can see, hear, and experience things never thought possible and this can be beautiful and sometimes scary. Through guidance and understanding, we can integrate these experiences into our life. 

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If you find yourself ambivalent, unable to make decisions or follow through with decisions you have made, then your will is currently trapped. A free-will allows us to move and express freely with confidence, skill, and love. Parts of us can become split and work against each other, we can work with sub-personalities to solve this.

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Relationships are the foundation of our lives. We are in relationship with everything from our partners to the entire cosmos. We are supported by relationships just as the air supports our life. We are relational beings and being able to be in proper relationship with our partners, bosses and the world is essential to us feeling connected and thriving. 




50mins - £50

Reduced rate available for those who desire therapy but are currently unable to afford the full rate (limited slots).

Currently online Via zoom.


"You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are".                        - Eckhart Tolle

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